Sun City Links

Sun City AZ is more than just the Recreation Centers of Sun City (RCSC); it’s a senior living community with a volunteer spirit. A number of organizations and agencies provide services and assistance to sustain the active adult lifestyle our residents enjoy. Phone numbers and website links for many Sun City organizations are listed below.

Sun City Home Owners Association (SCHOA) 623-974-4718
Sun City Fire Department 623-974-2321
Sun City Community Assistance Network (SCCAN) 623-933-7530
Sun City Condo Owners Association 623-974-9035
Sun City Library 602-652-3000
Sun City Visitors Center 623-977-5000
Sunshine Service 623-974-2561
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office 602-876-1000
Sun City Sheriff’s Posse 623-972-2555
Maricopa County Assessor’s Office 602-506-3406
Northwest Valley Connect (Transportation) 623-282-9300
Del Webb Sun Cities Museum 623-974-2568