Snack Shops

All 5 snack shops serve a variety of breakfast and lunch items to golfers and the public.

Hours of Operation – Daily
October 6am-3pm
November through March 6am-5pm
April and May 6am-3pm
June through September 6am-1pm
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Location Address Phone
** All Snack Shops listed below are Wi-Fi Hotspots **
Willowbrook/creek 10600 W. Boswell Blvd. 623-876-3032
Riverview 16401 N. Del Webb Blvd. 623-876-3027
Lakes East/West 10433 W. Talisman Road 623-876-3022
North 12650 N. 107th Ave. 623-876-3012
South 11000 N. 103rd Ave. 623-876-3017