Affordable Retirement Community in Sun City Arizona

Sun City Poms

Fry’s Sun City Poms Hosts Open House 

Thursday, March 13, 2014 at Marinette Center (9am)


Come and see what the Poms are all about! At this open house, we’ll be recruiting new dancers and marchers (age 55+) interested in joining us. Acrobatics is a PLUS but not required.


Yesterday and Today Poms:

The Poms started in 1979 by acting as cheerleaders for the Sun City Saints women’s softball team.  Today the group has evolved into two units who provide entertainment in the area:  a marching unit and a performing unit. The Fry’s Sun City Poms entertainers are highly energetic dancers who demonstrate the organization’s dance standards. Some even do acrobatics!

There is also a third Poms unit:  the Poms Supporter unit is composed of members who are inactive or retired dancers, in addition to husbands, family members, or community residents who have interest in the Poms.

Fry’s Sun City Poms come from all walks of life, and are more than entertainers.  They represent the fulfillment of life at any age.  Performing with spunk and energy of their youths, these ladies are having the time of their lives while sharing positive aspects of retirement and aging, and shattering conventional images of “senior citizens.”


Performing Poms entertain high schoolers from all over Arizona at Arizona Association of Student Council Presidential Luncheon, Fall 2012

Poms Requirements:

  1. The gals in the Poms (Dancers and/or marchers) must be 55+ years old, and hold a current RCSC card, or qualify as a participating guest.
  2. Dance skills of rhythm,  agility, poise, energy, and showmanship for performing are required.  Acrobatics and baton twirling are a plus.

If you are interested in learning more about the Poms or would like to schedule a Pom performance, check our contact information below. The Pom season is from September through May.

Three Units of Poms:

1. The Performing Poms unit entertains at some 50 shows a year. They appear at conventions, sporting events, community meetings, fundraisers, and retirement living centers and care facilities.   With excitement, agility, and grace, these women perform pyramids, pinwheels, while some even do splits, leg lifts, and headstands. Dances include modern jazz, country, and the internationally famous “Pom Routine.”


Halftime performance - Performing Poms dance at ASU Women’s Basketball Breast Cancer Awareness Day, February 2013


Performing Poms form a pyramid at Sundial Recreation Center Arts and Crafts Festival, Fall 2012

2. The Marching Poms unit participates in several parades a year, including the nationally televised Fiesta Bowl Parade in Phoenix. They perform a marching routine repeatedly throughout a parade route ranging from 1.5 miles to 3.0 miles. These gals strut their stuff with rhythm, energy, agility, and showmanship!

Banner 2-1

 Poms with Marching Banner at Fry’s Food Stores, Fall 2012

All Poms-1

The Fry’s Sun City Poms work very hard to entertain with their performing and marching routines. “Up with life!”

3.  Poms Supporters unit assists in Pom shows and parades.  Their duties might include providing transportation for parades and shows, music coordinator, photographer, sound equipment and set up, water carriers for parades, etc.

Practice Schedule:

Practice times for Performing Poms unit:
Mondays and Thursdays from 8-11 am at Marinette Center
Fridays from 8:00 to 10 am at Marinette Center (trainees)

Practice times for Marching Poms unit:
Thursdays from 7:30 to 8:15 am at Marinette Center
as determined by parade schedule

Contact information:

Sue Randall, Director
Phone: 623-972-4583

Pom’s phone: 602-392-4242
Pom’s Email