Corporate Records

Resolution No. 3

WHEREAS Article IV, Section 7 of the Corporate Bylaws empowers the Board of Directors to adopt Policies not in conflict with the Restated Articles of Incorporation (“Articles”) or the Corporate Bylaws (“Bylaws”).

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors (“Board” or “Directors”) of the Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. (“RCSC” or “Corporation”) in an effort to maintain and carry out its fiduciary responsibility to its Members, adopts the following Board Policy (“BP” or “Policies”) on May 29, 2008.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that to minimize inconsistencies, misunderstandings and misinterpretations inherent in verbal instructions, rules and regulations, the Board of Directors has established Board Policies in written form. Such Policies shall be titled, numbered and indexed for easy reference and use.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Restated Articles of Incorporation and the Corporate Bylaws shall take precedence over Board Policies and that the following Board Policy on Corporate Records shall provide instruction, direction and guidelines regarding such and shall remain in effect until such time it is amended or removed by the Board.

The Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation which is regulated by Arizona Revised Statute Title 10. The following guidelines shall be followed with a request for review of the Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. corporate records by Members who have a legitimate basis for the examination of such records. The process serves to maintain the integrity of RCSC documents while it provides access to Members who are qualified persons.

  1. The Member(s) wishing to examine records must submit a written request on FORM BP:3 which states the purpose to be served by the review; how the person qualifies as a person entitled to examine records, and an itemized statement of the specific documents to be examined. It shall be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors as to whether a Member shall be qualified or have a valid purpose for review of any Corporate records, and therefore may be denied any review.
  2. The Member(s) must be a recorded property owner(s) in good standing for at least six months preceding the request for records.
  3. The request must be made in good faith and for a specific purpose.
  4. If the request is approved, a date, time, and place will be set for the review, allowing at least five business days.
  5. Review of documents must take place under supervision of an RCSC employee or Director.
  6. When information is contained in several documents, only one document at a time will be submitted for review. After completing review of documents, examiners may request to have copies of a particular document, which may or may not be granted by the Board of Directors. There will be a charge for copies at the current rate and such other additional charges as may be permitted by Arizona Statutes.
  7. Return of an examined document will authorize release of the next document for inspection.
  8. No original records of the Corporation can be removed from the premises by any person or persons. No marks, notations, erasures, or other defacements will be made on any original document(s).

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