Bowling Lessons

Individual Lessons by Di Tormanen (Bronze Certified)

New to the game? Need to firm up your skills? RCSC offers bowling lessons at Lakeview Lanes and Bell Lanes.

  • Cost:  $10.00 (Cardholders or League Members) $25.00 for all others (Cost includes lineage)
  • One on One 30 minute lesson.
  • Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced



  • What style grip would work best for you?
  • How your arm swing affects the track and speed of your shot.
  • How to use lane markings as your target.
  • How to read the lanes and adjust your target.
  • How to adjust using different hand and release positions.
  • How to use different angles to the strike pocket.
  • Where to stand on the approach, and how to target different spare shots.
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